Channel Partners

Distributors, Dealers, Installers, Reps.

We offer:

  • Great products in a rapidly growing market that are built for speed, profit, and many happy referrals
  • Solid margin products with tiered pricing
  • Anti-gouging policy to protect dealers and builders from market fluctuations
  • High-Volume direct accounts for production home builders and large electrical contractors
  • Engineered Systems Group Tier-1 Support team staffed with product experts
  • AI assisted training and ongoing education programs to make the most of your precious time

If you want to be part of the transformation of the industry, and Learn about reselling LumenCache products, Contact Us to learn more.

Product Partners

LED Light Fixtures, Ventilation Fans, Ceiling Fans, DC low-voltage products, Security Systems, Smarthome APPs, Building Management Systems, Home Control systems, and many more

 Any device under 60W today is a good candidate. Contact Us for higher power solutions.

Creating compatible products to work over the LumenCache platforms is easy. Turn that time saving into profits and sell more product into a growing demand market. Contact Us today.