March 7, 2023
March 7, 2023


Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) are the heart of the LumenCache system, delivering independent voltage and protocols to each of 8 ports

  • 8 Function Card slots handle numerous standards as well as proprietary standards by industry partners
  • RJ45 jacks connect the Function Cards to the field devices over standard Cat5/6 wires
  • 16 channels of dimming included supporting Tunable White at each port when 2ch Function Cards are inserted
  • RGB and RGBY LEDs supported via Function Cards
  • Light switches can be connected to every port as a switch leg from the connected light
  • 640W max power.  Up to 80W each port
  • Safely allows hot-plugging of function cards
  • Ensures the safety and validity of the connected field devices and function cards
  • Pairing of switches to lights can be accomplished without tools or APPs using the Set buttons on the functions cards and the UI indicator light on the PDM
  • WiFi and BlueTooth configuration interface APP for advanced settings
  • MicroSD card expansion memory socket
  • Gateway/Router expansion socket allows the PDM to become an Ethernet switch and PoE midspan or 4G/5G connected device
  • Does not require internet connection for operation.  No service contracts or fees required
  • Ultra low quiescent power <1.5W. “Dark Mode” disables the indicator lights for ultra low power consumption
  • Energy Management and prioritization features create solutions like Emergency Lighting and prioritizing USB-C charging outlets for mobile devices
  • Installation Time: Approximately 30 seconds including unboxing by sliding sideways in the PowerPlane and locking in place without tools
Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 cm
Port Type