March 7, 2023
March 8, 2023


Function Card for 2 channel Constant Current LED lights creating CCT Tunable White power to compatible light fixtures

  • 30W per channel for a total of 60W
  • 4 current settings: 1.2A, 600mA, 300mA, 150mA
  • Power multiple lights up to total wattage
  • Current & Power is shared across all connected lights on the port
  • Intuitive RGB indicator and single UI button shows faults, warnings, and good conditions
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Open Circuit protection
  • Fault monitoring informs PDM of LED fixture errors, faults, and potential issues
  • Connecting an incompatible fixture will turn the indicator LED Yellow, indicating a configuration error
  • Green indicator LED shows the lights are connected properly and the level is shown by the indicator intensity
  • Installation Time: Approximately 10 seconds including unboxing
Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 cm
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