March 7, 2023
March 8, 2023


Decora shape light switch


All switch buttons are virtual, so map any switch to control any light, group of lights, scene, or automation. Use the Function Card UI button and RGB indicators to group lights to switches without needing an APP, or use the configuration APP for advanced configurations, dimming levels, rates.  Even the CCT Tunable White control is accomplished via this simple and elegant switch.  Switch function is defined by the PDM and supports everything from basic ON/OFF to Dimming and even Warm/Cool adjusting, all from one stock SKU.  The default operation is on/off for builders to deliver a perfectly reliable and globally understood lighting package.

See the versions with IAQ Sensors!

  • Connect up to 8 per port, on the same wire as the light(s), in any order, and any topology: bus, star, etc.
  • Tap the top half to turn ON or resume Dim, Tap the bottom half to turn OFF
  • Hold the Bottom to Dim, Hold the Top to Raise
  • Tap the top once to resume Dim level from off. Tap the Top to toggle Dim setting and 100%
  • Hold the top and bottom 1 second for CCT tuning mode: Top half is then Cooler, Bottom half is Warmer
  • Adjustable night light level backlight and color
  • Color indicator can be used by automation rules
  • Screwless cover plates available or use any industry standard covers
  • Installation Time: Approximately 5 minutes including cover plate
Additional information
Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm