March 8, 2023
March 8, 2023


Smart Interface Block connects Cat5 to the lights or powered devices and sensors using the 485.01 protocol (default for ReNetA)


Smart Interface Blocks (SIBs) replace the typical AC to DC driver attached to or inside LED lights, strips, and bulbs.  SIBs automatically identify the type of light or device attached to the wire and the Function Cards will only energize when the SIB matches the Function Card, ensuring safety of the installation.  Fixture partners can obtain and license SIBs for use in their own devices.

SV “Switched Voltage” are used for Strip Lights, Bulbs, Fans, and any device that requires the PDM supply voltage (~48VDC).  All SV SIBs connect the power in parallel, so they share the same voltage.

CC “Constant Current” are used for LED downlights and LEDs without their own current regulator.
CC-P are used to connect lights in Parallel, where the voltage is the same and current is shared between all the lights attached to the port.  Pairs are best in this configuration.
CC-S simplify connecting lights in Series, where the current is the same through each light, and the voltage sums with each additional light. Good for LEDs with voltages below 20VDC.  Stay below the recommended 45VDC total string voltage.

  • Available in many styles and shapes.  LumenCache brand fixtures will all meet DLC specifications as a minimum spec to ensure easy selection of quality
  • Most fixtures are constant current LEDs with array voltages under 45VDC
  • CC Drivers deliver adjustable current to match the requirement of the fixture. Under 100VA (class 2 power)
  • Perfect for attaching industry standard decorative screw base (AC) light fixtures.  Connect white “Neutral” to the LED- and black “Line” wire to LED+

LumenCache Brand lights and devices include the SIB attached or internally.  No need to purchase separately.  Order these when you BYODD (“Bring Your Own DC Device”)

Additional information
Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 cm